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There are a massive seven new ones in the Top 30 this week. Leading the way is Washington DC trio Teen Mom, who have their EP Mean Tom (get it?), released earlier this year, coming out on vinyl at the end of the month. The stunning 'I Wanna Go Out' debuts at 14. Last week's dual AOTW artists, the off the wall pop duo from Battleboro Blanche Blanche Blanche have their shambles of bittersweet brilliance 'She's Adopted' come in at 21. If you dismiss this without really listening to it, you don't get it and we feel really sorry for you.

Melbourne electronic quintet Tantrums, who we featured last week, are in with their new single 'Maylands' off their forthcoming self titled EP at 24. We also featured Dublin quintet Villagers last week and gave you a taste of the first single from next years record, Awayland. The wistful 'The Waves' debuts at 25. Brooklyn duo HAERTS have appeared on the radar out of nowhere this month with the impressive pop gem, 'Wings'. That's in at 26. We also gave you the word yesterday that Boston's GPYSMTH had remixed, remastered and re-released his debut LP. The first single 'Easter Island' settles at 29. The final track to appear this week comes from Goteborg electro house outfit Rebel Rebel, who you may remember featured on the chart with 'Love Songs' earlier in the year. Their new track, 'Project Runaway' off the EP of the same name sneaks in at 30.

How To Dress Well remains at 1 with '& It Was U' in a quiet week at the top. Indeed, the same 10 tracks feature again in the Top 10. Check the new ones below and go to the whole chart here.


14. I Wanna Go Out

Teen Mom (USA)
From the EP, 'Mean Tom', Analog Edition.


Download here

Teen Mom Facebook

Pre-order 12" vinyl EP here

Audio Stream (youtube forthcoming)

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21. She's Adopted

Blanche Blanche Blanche (USA)
From the album, 'Wink With Both Eyes', Night People.


Download here

Blanche Blanche Blanche Facebook

Audio Stream

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24. Maylands

Tantrums (AUS)
From the forthcoming EP, 'Tantrums', Self Released.


Download here

Tantrums Official Site

Audio Stream

Audio only

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25. The Waves

Villagers (IRE)
From the forthcoming album, 'Awayland', Domino. Out on Jan 14.


Villagers Official site

Audio Stream (Jape Remix)

Official Video (Original Version)

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26. Wings

From the single 'Wings', Neon Gold.


Download here

HAERTS Facebook

Official Video

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29. Easter Island

From the album, 'Ripostes', Stars And Letters.

Download here

GPYSMTH Facebook

Audio Stream (original version)

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30. Project Runaway

Rebel Rebel (SWE)
From the EP, 'Project Runaway', Adore Music.


Download here

Rebel Rebel Soundcloud

Audio Stream


April 22, 2014



Self Released

SoftSpot Facebook

Buy here

1. King Porus
2. You/Yours
3. Black Room Blues
4. Gathering
5. Pickup Lines
6. Crosswinds
7. Hera
8. The New York Times


April 15, 2014


Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled

Buzz Records

Odonis Odonis Official Site

Buy here

1. Tension
2. Are We Friends
3. Order In The Court
4. New Obsession
5. Breathing Hard
6. Mr Smith
7. Release
8. Angus Mountain
9. Office Sluts
10. Highnote
11. Transmission From The Moon
12. Alexa Wait

April 15, 2014


Under Color Of Official Right

Hardly Art

Protomartyr Facebook

Buy here

1. Maidenhead
2. Ain't So Simple
3. Want Remover
4. Trust Me Billy
5. Pagans
6. What The Wall Said
7. Tarpeian Rock
8. Bad Advice
9. Son Of Dis
10. Scum, Rise!
11. I Stare At Floors
12. Come & See
13. Violent
14. I'll Take That Applause

April 1, 2014




Future Islands Official Site

Buy here

1. Seasons (Wating On You)
2. Spirit
3. Sun In the Morning
4. Doves
5. Back In The Tall Grass
6. A Song For Our Grandfathers
7. Light House
8. Like The Moon
9. Fall From Grace
10. A Dream Of You And Me


March 25, 2014


Lost In The Dream

Secretly Canadian

The War On Drugs Official Site

Buy here 

1. Under The Pressure
2. Red Eyes
3. Suffering
4. An Ocean In Between The Waves
5. Disappearing
6. Eyes To The Wind
7. The Haunting Idle
8. Burning
9. Lost In The Dream
10. In Reverse


March 18, 2014




Real Estate Official Site

Buy here

1. Had To Hear
2. Past Lives
3. Talking Backwards
4. April's Song
5. The Bend
6. Crime
7. Primitive
8. How Might I Live
9. Horizon
10. Navigator


March 11, 2014


Present Tense


Wild Beasts Official Site

Buy here

1. Wanderlust
2. Nature Boy
3. Mecca
4. Sweet Spot
5. Daughters
6. A Pregnant Pause
7. A Simple Beautiful Truth
8. A Dog's Life
9. Past Perfect
10. New Life
11. Palace


March 4, 2014


Burn Your Fire For No Witness


Angel Olsen Official Site

Buy here

1. Unfucktheworld
2. Forgiven/Forgotten
3. Hi-Five
4. White Fire
5. High & Wild
6. Lights Out
7. Stars
8. Iota
9. Dance  Slow Decades
10. Enemy
11. Windows


February 25, 2014



Caldo Verde

Sun Kil Moon Official Site

Buy here (CD Only - no vinyl release)

1. Carissa
2. I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love
3. Truck Driver
4. Dogs
5. Pray For Newtown
6. Jim Wise
7. I Love My Dad
8. I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same
9. Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes
10. Micheline
11. Ben's My Friend


February 18, 2014


Three Love Songs

Orchid Tapes

Ricky Eat Acid Facebook

Buy limited edition vinyl here

Download free digital version here

1. There Is Only You In The Light & Nothing Else
2. Driving Alone Past Roadwork At Night
3. Inside My House; Some Place I Keep Dreaming About
4. Big Man's Last Trip Outside
5. In Rural Virginia; Watching Glowing Lights Crawl From The Dark Corners Of The Room
6. Inside Your House; It Will Swallow Us Too
7. It Will Draw Me Over To It Like It Always Does
8. In My Dreams We're Almost Touching
9. God Puts Us All In The Swimming Pool
10. Outside Your House; The Lights Went Out & There Was Nothing
11. I Can Hear The Heart Breaking As One
12. Starting Over


February 11, 2014



We Were Never Being Boring

Be Forest Facebook

Buy here 

1. Totem
2. Captured Heart
3. Lost Boy
4. Ghost Dance
5. Airwaves
6. Totem II
7. Colours
8. Sparkle
9. Hideaway


February 4, 2014


The Age Of Fracture

Tough Love Records

Cymbals Facebook

Buy here

1. Winter '98
2. The Natural World
3. You Are
4. Empty Space
5. The 5%
6. The Fracture Of Age
7. Like An Animal
8. Erosion
9. This City
10. The End
11. Call Me




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1. Beautiful Criminal
2. Hold On
Wilderness (SWE)
3. No Romance
Tirzah (ENG)
4. Psychic Trauma
Cloud Nothings (USA)
5. Interference Fits
Perfect Pussy (USA)
6. Carmine
Cloud Boat (ENG)
7. Seasons (Waiting On You)
Future Islands (USA)
8. Repeat Pleasure
How To Dress Well (USA)
9. Animal Of One
The Fresh & Onlys (USA)
10. Pickup Lines
SoftSpot (USA)





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