Tuesday, 07 July 2015 00:00

While there was some buzz around her excellent 2014 single, ‘Falling 4 U’, the lack of coverage across the independent blogging world around Devyn Rose, the stage name of Haitian born and US raised independent pop and hip-hop artist Tanya Dormevil is puzzling. Perhaps its her determination to self release her work, perhaps its the cross-over potential into the pop and commercial realm that her music generates minus her predilection for explicit lyrics, perhaps its something unmentionable (black, female and outspoken without powerful men behind her???). No matter for us however, as news of a new EP, Stellar, prompts this post. The title track pulls no punches and like ‘Falling 4 U’, combines cleverly arranged vocal dexterity with those aforementioned hip hop elements and in this case, some really dark, cold overtones. Listen below. It’s her effortless crossover ability and determination to tackle issues in a frank, 'in your face' way that makes it so good. The self released EP contains five tracks and is available now here.



Devyn Rose (HAI/USA)
From the EP, 'Stellar', Self Released.

Devyn Rose Tumblr

Audio Stream

Monday, 06 July 2015 11:56

Illinois native and Toronto based experimental pop artist Meg Remy, aka US Girls, last week announced the release of her new album Half Free, set for September 25. The announcement coincides with a new single, ‘Woman’s Work’ to follow up the excellent ‘Damn That Valley’ from earlier this year. While Remy’s rough and messy DIY edges have undergone transformation in her new work, the new single continues her penchant for producing sonic work of emotive intensity and lyrics that address pertinent social and individual issues in challenging ways. Long time fans may rue Remy’s clean up, but careful listen’s reveal a natural continuation of an defiant aesthetic that’s always been there. Watch the Remy directed video for ‘Woman’s Work’ below.



Woman's Work

US Girls (USA/CAN)
From the forthcoming album, 'Half Free', 4AD. Out September 25.

US Girls Facebook

Official Video

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Thursday, 02 July 2015 12:57

After last week's blitzkrieg which obliterated an entire third of the chart, the Top 30 settles down to welcome just the two new entries this week and both are Australian. Brisbane quartet, Blank Realm, after a decade of existence, are set to release a new album in September, the waxingly named Illegals In Heaven. The first single is one of the best songs yet, the ramshackly hook filled emotive pop sensation, 'River Of Longing'. It's no surprise therefore to see it debut straight into the Top 10 at 8. Listen to it below. The other new entry comes from Snowy Nasdaq and Snowy Life, who we featured on Monday with 'Ironic Life. That's at 19.

The Radio Dept. heads into the Top 5 while Tearjerker and Lena Fayre enter the Top 10. Essaie Pas still at 1.

Chart details in full here and the Top 30 Player is doing what its doing as always.


8. River Of Longing

Blank Realm (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'Illegals In Heaven', Bedroom Suck / Fire Records. Out September 4.


Blank Realm Facebook

Audio Stream

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 00:00

Earlier this month saw the release of the third full length record I Will See No Moon, No Sky by Crystal Shipsss, the musical project of experimental Danish artist Jacob Faurholt. It's our much deserved current album of the week. As the title suggests, its a rather melancholic record, recorded in the aftermath of a period of tumult in Faurholt's personal life, the mood matched by the liberal use of the darker elements of the musical spectrum. Faurholt's work has always been fascinating to follow so we relished the opportunity to fire him off some questions about the inspirations, processes and personnel behind the new record and he was candidly forthcoming.


INDIE30: There has always been a quite melancholic approach in much of your music but on I Will See No Moon, No Sky you seem to have taken that a step further and really stepped into the mire of sorts. What was the inspiration for the record?


JF: I guess the inspiration for the album can be divided into two things. The inspiration for the music itself - and the inspiration for the overall theme of the record. When living in Berlin my good friend Soren (from the Canadian act Man Meets Bear) introduced me to the Canadian, but Berlin based duo Nadja. Their music (drone / ambient metal) inspired the sound on “I Will See No Moon No Sky” a lot. I even asked Aidan Baker from Nadja to recommend other bands in the genre for further inspiration. Aidan also plays guitar on the song CROWN. The mood and the lyrics came out of a turbulent time where I parted with my now ex-girlfriend and decided to leave Berlin after 4 ½ year in the city.  I recorded all of my own parts in my bedroom while still living in Berlin, which was important to me. After that I emailed the tracks to my friend William Kudahl Sørensen (from the Danish ambient act Infants) who recorded more tracks, and in more than one occasion made the songs way longer. So he is the main architect of the long intros and outros. In the end we gave it all to our friend Jens Christian Madsen (from the Danish electronic alt. pop project Tjaere+Fjer) who also recorded more tracks and finally mixed the album in his studio in Copenhagen. So the album also reflects our three musical projects coming together in one piece.  


INDIE30: While, your last record under the Crystal Shipsss name, Dirty Dancer, was a very varied affair, there is a more cohesive feel to the new record. Was that deliberate, to present an overt subject as a musical whole? Is there an overt subject specifically?


JF: With “Dirty Dancer” the idea was to record whenever I felt inspired, especially by listening to all kinds of different music. Therefore the album was recorded over a long period of time, which is probably the reason why it’s such a varied affair. As mentioned above, the musical inspiration for the new album was very clear from the start, and I had a clear deadline for recording my parts (before leaving Berlin). So yes it was definitely deliberate to present the subject as a musical whole.


INDIE30: There is definitely a nod to drone elements on the record. Over the years I have noticed this has been employed sparingly in your work before, suggesting that you’ve always had a penchant for the approach. Would that be right and why the decision to embrace it so wholeheartedly on this release.


JF: I was not sure that I would make another Crystal Shipsss album after “Dirty Dancer”. But then I got sucked into ambient / drone metal music, and I thought it would be interesting to wholeheartedly dive into that “genre”. The song “Burning Kingdom” from the first Crystal Shipsss album “Yay” was the first clue to go in that direction. 


INDIE30: While darkness is definitely a theme of the record, you still employ aspects that reflect light and hope. There even seem to be pop elements along with definite ambient and even prog like and otherworldly moments blending themselves in with lo-fi dirge and drone. Is there hope to be found on a record titled I Will See No Moon No Sky?


JF: Yes I think there is. And as you say it’s not all darkness. There is also beauty in those feelings connected to the overall subject. And that contrast is also reflected in the music. For example the contrast between the high pitched reverby vocals and the heavy distorted guitars. 


INDIE30: Can you enlighten us a little as to the one word song titles and what drove the lyrical process?


JF: I came up with the one worded titles first and then I improvised the music / lyrics while recording. So the creative process was very immediate. I just wanted to express whatever I was feeling in the moment. The titles were just whatever popped into my head. 


INDIE30: Who did you work with on this record and where did you record it? Tell us a little bit about that process, in terms of the people, places and approaches enlisted. Was it a departure from previous methodologies. 


JF: I worked with William Kudahl Sørensen (Infants) and Jens Christian Madsen (Tjaere+Fjer) who are now also a part of the CS live band. My parts were recorded in Berlin and the rest was recorded in Copenhagen, where we all live now. And then we had Aidan Baker of Nadja play guitar on CROWN. It meant a lot to me that Aidan said yes to participate, as Nadja was a huge influence on this record. Compared to the previous CS albums, which were more or less solo albums, this one felt like a real band effort. Even though we did not play our first show together until the album was done. 


INDIE30: In a studio recording sense, it’s such an alternating mixture of employing real density together with spartan like moments. Was this mixture and the utilisation of density and space part of a search for mood and effect because it succeeds in creating such in spades?


JF: I think it’s the process of all of us throwing our musical minds together. My lo-fi recordings / songs, Williams ambient stuff (and talent for atmosphere) and Jens’ studio wizardry (and eye for details). But I had a very clear vision of what kind of record I wanted to make, and I asked William and Jens to participate as I know and love their music. The perfect match.


INDIE30: Your work seems to possess quite restless tendencies when it comes to genre. Does this restlessness partly stem from being on the road constantly and living in different cities and countries over the years and being influenced by different “scenes” and artists? What’s been the motivation for the multitude of places and spaces? Has it been a matter of going where the music takes you or have you been searching for something in particular?


JF: Crystal Shipsss has from the start been the vehicle for exploring whatever I felt interesting to explore. So it’s definitely a matter of going where the music takes me. With CS there are really no boundaries. I also release albums in my own name, which is more traditional stuff. Songs written on a guitar.


INDIE30: You’ve recently moved back ‘home' to Copenhagen after being based in Berlin for some years. What prompted this? 


JF: Basically just a need for change. 


INDIE30: You seem to have alternated back and forth between releasing work under your own name and Crystal Shipsss. Can you enlighten us as to thought process behind the two approaches and the timing of such and what does that signal about the future for Jacob Faurholt?


JF: Crystal Shipsss is the more lets say experimental stuff, and the music I release in my own name is more traditional when it comes to songwriting. Right now I am focusing on promoting the new CS album. But there are also plans for an upcoming solo album + shows.



James Stocker - June 26, 2015.




Crystal Shipsss (DEN)
From the album, 'I Will See No Moon, No Sky', Raw Onion Records

Crystal Shipss Official

Audio Stream


Drum (edit)

Crystal Shipsss (DEN)
From the album, 'I Will See No Moon, No Sky', Raw Onion Records

Crystal Shipss Facebook

Audio Stream

Official Video

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Monday, 29 June 2015 12:56

One of more strangely named acts at present has to be Melbourne’s Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life, the solo moniker of the The Ocean Party’s vocalist/guitarist Liam Halliwell. This month saw the release of his self titled EP through French label Beko Disques. If carefully constructed, sun drenched, ear worm like jangly pop is your bag, you will adore this record. It follows up a plethora of single releases and an EP under the Snowy Nasdaq name over the past eighteen months. Stream them all at his soundcloud link below. We have two tracks from the new EP, the power pop inspired ‘Ironic Life’, complete with physically self-admonishing video and ‘Same Mistakes’ to watch and stream below. Grab it on CD here and quickly. The run is limited to 300. Or digitally here. The only decision for us is which track debuts in the 30 this week.



1. Keeping Up

2. Ironic Life

3. Dolewave 2015

4. Dead Weight_Broken Nose

5. The Fat

6. Same Mistakes




Ironic Life

Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life (AUS)
From the EP, 'Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life', Beko Disques

Snowy Nasdaq Facebook

Audio Stream

Official Video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


Same Mistakes

Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life (AUS)
From the EP, 'Snowy Nasdaq & Snowy Life', Beko Disques

Snowy Nasdaq Soundcloud

Audio Stream

Friday, 26 June 2015 12:50

After it’s regular week break at this time of year, the Top 30 returns this week with a massive nine affecting new entries and a new number one, breathing new life into the chart heading into the second half of 2015.

Unsurprisingly, especially for our long term regular readers, the seven minute piece of electronic shoegaze wonder that is the new The Radio Dept. single, ‘Occupied’ goes straight into the Top 10 at 6. 


The next highest debut goes to 18 year old Los Angeles artist Lena Fayre with the wistful heartbreaker ‘Colors Of Leaving’, her new single from her forthcoming EP, Is There Only One. Like fellow L.A artist Miya Folick, whose ‘I Got Drunk’ is still in the chart, Fayre does everything independently which makes her stunning work all the more impressive. What just might be her best track yet debuts at 13. Toronto trio Tearjerker's new single, the slow burning 'Obviously Wrong', nestles in one spot behind


Somerville, Massachusetts popster Luke Reed has released a catchy, groove laden new single, ‘Pathetic’. If ever the measure of a track’s worth didn’t match it’s title, this is it. It’s positively gold and sits at 17.


San Francisco post punk outfit Flesh World released their first full length proper, The Wild Animals In My Life, earlier in the month and the dreamy, yet superbly untidy title track debuts at 18. The album can be got at here through Iron Lung Records, the label of Total Control.


Helsinki synth pop duo Ideomotor released their debut EP, For A Moment We Are Strangers, back in March 2015. Now they return with a grandiose, anthemic new single, ‘Amplified’ . That enters the chart at 20.


After three long and painful years where everyhting that could have conspired to frustrate Brooklyn dark synth pop duo Telepathe is finally over with the news that their new album, Destroyer, originally slated for release way back in 2012, is set for an August release. The brand new track, the rhythmically urgent and musically transcendental, ‘Night’s Spell’ debuts at 22.


The new Protomartyr track, ‘Blues Festival’ which we featured a couple of week’s back takes its bow at 23 while one sport behind is another track we’ve previously featured, Ratatat’s ‘Abrasive’.


Word has it that Istanbul electronic duo Kim Ki O are in the process of writing for a new record and to whet our appetite has released a swirling new track, the hypnotic Krautrock inspired ’The Art Of Failure’ which appears on the new sampler, Planète Hurlante, from their French based label Lentonia Records. That, the last of the new entries, debuts at 26. The sampler is available here for a NYP arrangement.


Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas hit number one with the restless and ultra energetic, ‘Danse Sociale’ while Johan Angergård’s The Legends moves into the Top 10 with ‘Something Left To Die For’.


All chart details can be found here, the six unfeatured tracks sit below while the eight new ones and the remaining 22 can be streamed in our Top 30 player. There's also a brand new video for the swaggering BREAKFAST track, 'Sally Hansen', which is still in the thirty at 24.




13. Colors Of Leaving

Lena Fayre (USA)
From the forthcoming EP, 'For A Moment We Were Strangers', Self-Released. Out July 24.


Lena Fayre Official

Audio Stream


16. Pathetic

Luke Reed (USA)
From the single, 'Pathetic', Self Released.


Luke Reed Soundcloud

Audio Stream


18. The Wild Animals In My Life

Flesh World (USA)
From the album, 'The Wild Animals In My Life', Iron Lung Records


Flesh World Facebook

Official Video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


19. Amplified

Ideomotor (FIN)
From the single, 'Amplified', Self Released. 


Ideomotor Facebook

Audio Stream


21. Night's Spell

Telepathe (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'Destroyer', Out August 10.


Telepathe Facebook

Official Video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


26. The Art Of Failure

Kim Ki O (TUR)
From the label sampler, 'Planète Hurlante', Lentonia Records.


Kim Ki O Facebook

Audio Stream

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


24. Sally Hansen

From the single, 'Sally Hansen', Self Released.



Audio Stream

Official Video

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 13:16

After experimental electronic overtones dominated their last two albums, the last released five years ago, Brooklyn veterans Ratatat seem to have returned and added to their guitar driven funk like beginnings with their latest multi-layered dance inspired single, ‘Abrasive’ from their fifth record Magnifique, set for release July 17 on XL. Despite its stilted motorik driven disposition, it’s probably the most accessible thing the instrumental duo have done. Listen below and check out the 4000 image animated video by member Evan Mast. Pre-order the album here.



Ratatat (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'Magnifique', XL Recordings. Out July 17.

Ratatat Official

Official Video

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 18:51

Apart from the overt and deceptively good stand alone track 'Death To Facism' released in September last year to coincide with the Swedish elections, we've heard nothing at all from the economical and enigmatic electronic shoegazers, The Radio Dept. since their brilliiant 2010 album, Clinging To A Scheme. That's now changed with the release of an outstanding new seven minute new single, 'Occupied', one that explores new sonic directions, and veers into half motorik/half dance territory. It's part of a three track EP that includes another new track and a renamed remix of the original by Liminal. Grab it on limited edition vinyl here. There are murmurs around that a new album will surface later this year. With their track record on release dates though, we'll all just bide our time whenever it happens. 'Occupied' will be more than enough to tide us over. Thank fuck they're back!


1. Occupied

2. It Looked Like Heaven (But Feels Like Hell)

3. Down Down Down (Liminals Remix)




The Radio Dept. (SWE)
From the EP, 'Occupied', Labrador.

The Radio Dept. Facebook

Audio Stream

Saturday, 13 June 2015 00:00

Tuesday sees the physical release of the split 7” single, A Half Of Seven' from Detroit post punk outfit Protomartyr and Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery's R. Ring. Listen to the hard hitting, four to the floor nature of ‘Blues Festival’ and the scuffed up off kilter rock of ‘Loud Underneath’ respectively below. Pre-order the 7” here through Hardly Art Records ready for release on the 16th June. Rollicking stuff!


Blues Festival

Protomartyr (USA)
From the 7" split single with R. Ring, 'A Half Of Seven', Hardly Art.

Protomartyr Facebook

Audio Stream


Loud Underneath

R. Ring (USA)
From the 7" split single with Protomartyr, 'A Half Of Seven', Hardly Art.

R. Ring Facebook

Audio Stream

Friday, 12 June 2015 00:00

Toronto based trio Tearjerker, who graced our Top 100 chart of 2014 at the esteemed position of number 3 with the gigantic, 'You Can' off their EP, Hiding, are set to drop another killer track, the first single from their forthcoming new long player, Stay Wild. Titled 'Obviously Wrong', it follows the band's penchant for constructing delicate and meticulous arrangements and creating a certain atmosphere of feeling through loops around a one simple hook that embeds itself you with consumate ease. In true Tearjerker style, the album, like their previous two and last year's EP has been done in true DIY fashion, home recorded, mixed and produced, self designed and handcrafted. They will be self releasing the record as well.

Taylor Shute explained the process involved in the songwriting and recording, "We spent a lot of time getting everything right with this record. From a hanging note at the end of a song, to a barely audible sample in a breakdown in the middle of a track, we tried to make a record that will reward repeated listens'. 'Obviously Wrong' is the perfect example of that.

Stay Wild is out July 17. The single is below. Enjoy it envelop you.


Obviously Wrong

Tearjerker (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, 'Stay Wild', Self Released.

Tearjerker Official

Audio Stream


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August 25, 2015


Depression Cherry

Sub Pop

Beach House Official

Buy here

1. Levitation
2. Sparks
3. Space Song
4. Beyond Love
5. 10:37
6. PPP
7. Wildflower
8. Bluebird
9. Days Of Candy

August 18, 2015


Down Time

Bedroom Suck / Fire Records

Totally Mild Facebook

Buy here

1. Christa
2. When I'm Tired
3. Go Home
4. Move On
5. Nights
6. The Next Day
7. Work It Out
8. Battleship
9. Always Around
10. Money Or Fame

August 11, 2015




Evvol Official

Buy here

1. I See You (I Am You)
2. Sola
3. Siruius A
4. Starcrossed
5. Your Love
6. No Love
7. Vega
8. Denouement
9. Four Steps From Home


August 4, 2015




Telepathe Facebook

Buy digital here

1. Destroyer
2. Drown Around Me
3. Slow Learner
4. Damaged Raid
5. Nights Spell
6. Hyper Ho
7. Throw Away This
8. Someone Is Home
9. Onyx
10. Fuck You Up

July 28, 2015


Liminal Zones

Sonic Masala / Strange Pursuits 

Day Ravies Facebook

Buy here

1. Fake Beach
2. Coupla Days
3. This Side Of The Fence
4. Nettle
5. Immaculate Escape
6. Skewed
7. Enter The Bee
8. Hickford Wizz
9. Halfway Up A Hill
10. Steamed
11. Pulse Check
12. March Comes Around
13. Binkies

July 21, 2015


The Wild Animals In My Life

Iron Lung

Flesh World Facebook

Buy here

1. To Lose Me
2. Just To Tear Me Down
3. The Wild Animals In My Life
4. Shaved Head
5. Poolside Boys
6. Strawberry Bomber
7. Your Love Is Like A House
8. Here In The Dark


July 14, 2015


Stay Wild

Self Released

Tearjerker Official

Pre-order here

1. Stay Wild
2. Phone
3. Mind
4. The Gardiner
5. Parling Lot
6. It Takes Time
7. Baseball
8. Obviously Wrong
9. Perfect (FREE)
10. Heavy


July 7, 2015


I Will See No Moon No Sky

Raw Onion Records

Crystal Shipsss Official

Buy here 

1. Metal
2. Deer
3. Drum
4. Crown
5. II
6. Head


June 30, 2015




Noah Official

Buy here

1. sivutie
2. flexion
3. motion
4. unspoken
5. weak
6. (interlude - drøm)
7. fehér
8. times
9. pool garden
10. gorgeous death
11. blur
12. flaw
13. (interlude - doll)
14. tadzio
15. sivutie a reprise

June 23, 2015


Apocalypse, girl

Sacred Bones

Jenny Hval Official

Buy here

1. Kingsize
2. Take Care Of Yourself
3. That Battle Is Over
4. White Underground
5. Heaven
6. Why 
7. Some Days
8. Sabbath
9. Angel And Anaemia
10. Holy Land


June 16, 2015


Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Weird World Record Co.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi Facebook

Buy here

1. J.E.K.
2. Double Talk
3. Deeper Shadows
4. Say
5. Mind Like Muscle
6. Night At The Field
7. Don't Ask Me Why
8. Room
9. Hush Down
10. Ikuinen Purkautumaton Jännite


June 9, 2015




BOAN Facebook

Pre-order here

Stream whole album here

1. Babylon
2. Freaksnake
3. Secretos
4. Boan Acid
5. Mentiras


June 2, 2015


Le Voyage Éternal

Self Released

Corridor Facebook

Buy here

1. Sentinelles
2. L'écho des derniers orgasmes
3. L' entrée du portail
4. Mi-homme, mi fusée
5. Castor et Pollux
6. Abus d'habits
7. Mort en chemin
8. Plasma fontaine
9. Passage Secret
10. Le Voyage Éternal
11. Retour au bercail 3D


May 26, 2015



Self Released

Liza Anne Official

Buy here

1. Lost
2. Northern Wind
3. Take It Back
4. Low Tide
5. Room
6. Overnight
7. Ocean


May 19, 2015



Combien Mille Records

Superpoze Facebook

Buy here 

1. Opening
2. North
3. Time Travel
4. Overseas
5. Unlive
6. Ten Lakes
7. Movement
8. Home Is Where I Am


May 12, 2015


Crash, Burn & Cry

Crunchy Frog

ONBC Facebook

Buy here

1. The Railing
2. White Trash
3. Call It What You Want
4. The Warehouse
5. Classic
6. One Of These Days Pt. 1
7. Brothers
8. Knocked Out
9. Copenhagen
10. One Of These Days Pt. 2


May 5, 2015



ExcelsiorPolyvinyl / Full Time Hobby

Jacco Gardner Official

Buy here

1. Another You
2. Grey Lanes
3. Brightly
4. Find Yourself
5. Face To Face
6. Outside Forever
7. Before The Dawn
8. Hypnophobia
9. Make Me See
10. All Over


April 28, 2015


American Wrestlers 

American Wrestlers Facebook

Fat Possum

Buy here

1.There's No One Crying Over Me Either
2. Holy
3. Wild Yonder
4. I Can Do No Wrong
5. The Rest Of You
6. Kelly
7. Cheapshot
8. Left


April 21, 2015


Un Autre Voyage

Holodeck Records

Marie Davidson Facebook

Buy here

1. Boulevard Taschereau
2. Exces de Vitesse
3. Kidnap You In The Desert
4. Insomnie
5. Balade aux USA
6. Persephone


April 14, 2015


Escape From Evil

Ribbon Music

Lower Dens Official

Buy here

1. Sucker's Shangri-La
2. Ondine
3. To Die In L.A.
4. Quo Vadis
5. Your Heart Still Beating
6. Electric Current
7. I Am The Earth
8. Non Grata
9. Company
10. Societe Anonyme


April 7, 2015


Ivy Tripp

Waxahatchee Official

Merge / Wichita

Buy here

1. Breathless
2. Under A Rock
3. Poison
4. La Loose
5. Stale By Noon
6. The Dirt
7. Blue
8. Air
9. >
10. Grey Hair
11. Summer Of Love
12. Half Moon
13. Bonfire

March 31, 2015


Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress


Godspeed You! Black Emperor Facebook

Buy here

1. Peasantry Or 'Light! Inside Of Light'
2. Lambs' Breath
3. Asunder, Sweet
4. Piss Crowns Are Trebled


March 24, 2015


Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Courtney Barnett Official

Milk! / Marathon Artists / Mom + Pop

Buy here

1. Elevator Operator
2. Pedestrian At Best
3. An Illustration Of Loneliness (Sleepless In NY)
4. Small Poppies
5. Depreston
6. Aqua Profunda!
7. Dead Fox
8. Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party
9. Debbie Downer
10. Kim's Caravan
11. Boxing Day Blues


March 17,  2015



Hand Drawn Dracula

Etiquette Facebook

Buy here

1. Pleasantries
2. Brown And Blue
3. Attention Seeker
4. Sleep To Wake
5. Twinkling Stars
6. Promises
7. On And On
8. Outside in
9. Island

Stream whole album here


March 10, 2015


Ripe 4 Luv

Slumberland Records

Buy here

1. Crushing Sensation - (Official Video)
2. Ripe 4 Luv (Official Video)
3. Crawling Back To You
4. Aquarian
5. Kelly, I'm Not A Creep
6. Dear Drew
7. Living The Dream
8. Wrong Crowd (feat. Jef Barbera)


March 3, 2015



P.W. Elverum & Sun Ltd.

Buy here

1. Sauna
2. Turmoil
3. Dragon
4. Emptiness
5. (something)
6. Boat
7. Planets
8. Pumpkin
9. Spring
10. Books
11. Youth


February 24, 2015


No Cities To Love

Sub Pop

Sleater-Kinney Official

Buy here

1. Price Tag
2. Fangless
3. Surface Envy
4. No Cities To Love
5. A New Wave
6. No Anthems
7. Gimme Love
8. Bury Our Friends
9. Hey Darling
10. Fade


February 17, 2015



Ghost Records

Casa Del Mirto Facebook

Buy here (no vinyl available)

Stream album here

1. Paralyzed
2. Invisible (feat. Avalon Omega)
3. Reflex
4. Where You Stand
5. Pressure
6. Last Blue Wind
7. A Picture Of
8. Butterfly
9. 8 (feat. Aaron Larcher)
10. What I See Inside Of Me
11. Still


February 10, 2015


Natalie Prass


Natalie Prass Official

Buy here

1. My Baby Don't Understand Me
2. Bird Of Prey
3. Your Fool
4. Christy
5. Why Don't You Believe In Me
6. Violently
7. Never Over You
8. Reprise
9. It Is You


February 3, 2015


On Your Own Love Again

Drag City

Jessica Pratt Label Page

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1. Wrong Hand
2. Game That I Play
3. Strange Melody
4. Greycedes
5. Moon Dude
6. Jacquelyn In The Background
7. I've Got A Feeling
8. Back, Baby
9. On Your Own Love Again


January 27th, 2015


Viet Cong

Flemish Eye / Jagjaguwar

Viet Cong Bandcamp

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1. Newspaper Spoons
2. Pointless Experience
3. March Of Progress
4. Bunker Buster
5. Continental Shelf
6. Silhouettes
7. Death




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Ought (CAN/USA)
Julia Holter (USA)
Lastlings (AUS)
Arbes (AUS)
Blank Realm (AUS)
FKA twigs (ENG)
Telepathe (USA)
8. 1995
Molly Nilsson (SWE)
Homeshake (CAN)
Gold Class (AUS)

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