• JULY 2010 NEWS

    Saturday, July 31, 2010 Reviews EXPO 86 Wolf Parade (CAN)Sub Pop 2010Buy here WOLF PARADE'S EXPOSITION OF INDIE ROCK To say that the last five years has been a busy time for Wolf Parade's frontmen Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug is something of an unde...
  • TOP 30 JULY 25, 2010 VOL. 2 NO. 23

    30. Passion For Water Liechtenstein (SWE) From the single, 'Passion For Water', Fraction28        2        4 Download hereLiechtenstein myspaceLive Performance[youtube: 425 300] 29. H...
  • TOP 30 JULY 18 2010 VOL. 2 NO. 22

    30. Heart Full Of Pentagons Film School (USA)From the forthcoming album, 'Fission', Hi-Speed Soul Records.0        1         1 Flim School myspaceDownload here Audio Only [youtube: 425 300] 29. Vib...
  • TOP 30 JULY 11 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 21

    30. Fokionos Negri Street Keep Shelly In Athens (GRE)Yet to be released track, Unsigned. 0         1         1Download hereKeep Shelly In Athens myspace Audio only[youtube: 425 300] 29. MemoriesHa...
  • JUNE 2010 NEWS

    Saturday, June 26, 2010DEASTRO'S MIND ALTARS WITH NEW EP After completing last year's spacey triumph, Moondagger Deastro (Randolph Chabot) wrote and recorded himself into a frenzy, and now we have the fruit of that labour with his new album length EP Min...

    June 28PHOSPHORESCENT (USA)Here's To Taking It Easy Dead OceansPhosphorescent myspaceBuy here 1. It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're From Alabama) (mp3)2. Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly)3. We'll Be Here Soon4. The Mermaid Parade (mp3)5. I Don't Ca...
  • TOP 30 JUNE 27 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 20

    30. Hall Baths (USA)From the album, 'Cerulean', Anticon. 20       12      232Download hereBaths myspace Audio only[youtube: 425 300]29. VibrationsGreat Elk (USA)From the EP, 'Great Elk', Self Released 0 ...
  • TOP 30 JUNE 20 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 19

    30. Never Follow SuitThe Radio Dept. (SWE)From the album 'Clinging To A Scheme', Labrador. 20        9      183Download hereThe Radio Dept Official Site Audio only [youtube: 425 300] 29. Here, Sometimes...
  • TOP 30 JUNE 13 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 18

    30. Is This On Me  Elite Gymnastics (USA)From the EP, 'Real Friends, Unsigned. 18       4      37Download hereElite Gymnastics myspace Audio Only[youtube: 425 300]29. Five Little RoomsMenomena (USA)From ...
  • TOP 30 JUNE 6 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 17

    30. Surrounded By Your FriendsHooray For Earth (USA) From the EP, 'Momo', Dovecote. 0       1       1Download hereHooray For Earth myspace Official Video [youtube: 425 300] 29. Jerks On Ice Elk ...
  • MAY 2010 NEWS

    Monday, May 31, 2010MONDAY WHIP AROUND - VOL 1 : NO 2 PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL ANOTHER HUGE SUCCESSThe San Miguel Primavera Sound in Barcelona has just wrapped up for the tenth year featuring a who's who of the indie world such as Broken Social Scene, Wild B...

    May 31 LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (USA) This Is Happening DFA/VirginLCD Soundsystem Official SiteBuy limited edition pack hereBuy here Tracklisting1. Dance Yrself Clean (mp3)2. Drunk Girls3. One Touch4. All I Want5. I Can Change6. You Wanted A Hit (mp3)7. Pow Wow8. ...
  • TOP 30 MAY 30 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 16

    30. Latin America Holy Fuck (CAN)From the album, 'Latin', Young Turks/XLRecordings. 24        9      118Download hereHoly Fuck myspace Live at KEXP Music Lounge [youtube: 425 300] 29. Runway, Houses, C...
  • TOP 30 MAY 23 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 15

    30. Round And RoundAriel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (USA)From the forthcoming album 'Before Today', 4AD. Out on June 8. 25        11       208 Download hereAriel Pink's Haunted Graffiti myspaceAudio Only[youtube:
  • TOP 30 MAY 16 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 14

    30. Runway, Houses, City, CloudsTame Impala (AUS)From the forthcoming album 'Innervision', Modular. Out in Aus May 21, US/Europe Jun 8.26       5       52Download here Tame Impala myspaceAudio Only[youtube:
  • TOP 30 MAY 9 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 13

    30. A Black Wave Is Comin' Doug Burr (USA)From the album, 'O Ye Devastator', Spune/Velvet Blue Music 0        1        1Download hereDoug Burr myspaceAudio only[youtube: 425 300] 29. Fixed Stars (CAN)...
  • TOP 30 MAY 2 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 12

    30. Baby Lee Teenage Fanclub (SCO)From the forthcoming album, 'Shadows', Merge Records. Out UK/Eur/Aus May 31, US/Can Jun 8. 19        6       82Download here Teenage Fanclub Official Site Audio only[youtube:
  • APRIL 2010 NEWS

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010SONGS IN THE KEY OF BLOG: UPCOMING RELEASES MAY/JUNE This fortnight's installment of SITKOB takes on a bit of a difference. We've decided to look ahead as the next couple of months see an absolute smorgasboard of must have albums ...

    April 26THE RADIO DEPT. (SWE)Clinging To A SchemeLabradorThe Radio Dept Official SiteBuy here Tracklisting1. Domestic Scene2. Heaven's On Fire (mp3)3. This Time Around4. Never Follow Suit5. A Token Of Gratitude 6. The Video Dept. 7. Memory Loss8. David (...
  • TOP 30 APRIL 25 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 11

    30. AlkemaBadmammal (USA)From the album, 'Desobrigamento', Good Luck/Bad Luck.0         1        1Download here Badmammal myspace Audio clip only[youtube: 425 300] 29. A Hail Of Bombs Red Sparowes (U...


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