• TOP 30 APRIL 18 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 10

    30. It Only Takes One NightDum Dum Girls (USA)From the album, 'I Will Be', Sub Pop/HoZac.25        3       16Download here Dum Dum Girls myspace Audio Only[youtube: 425 300] 29. Number 41Dosh (USA)From ...
  • TOP 30 APRIL 11 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 9

    30. On Giving Up High Places (USA)From the album 'High Places vs Mankind' Thrill Jockey.20        9       164 Download hereHigh Places myspace Audio Only [youtube: 425 300]   29. Hall Baths (USA)From the ...
  • TOP 30 APRIL 4 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 8

    30. Hustle Tuung (ENG)From the album, '...And Then We Saw Land', Full Time Hobby/Thrill Jockey.  0         1        1Download hereTuung myspaceOfficial Video[youtube: 425 300] 29. On Time Disco Biscuits...
  • MARCH 2010 NEWS

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010SONGS IN THE KEY OF BLOG: LATE MARCH What better way can there be to finish off the month than by grabbing another dose of great tracks from around the blogs to see out March out and take you into April. The new track from v...

    March 29HIGH PLACES (USA)High Places vs Mankind Thrill JockeyHigh Places myspaceBuy hereTracklisting1. The Longest Shadows 2. On Giving Up (mp3)3. She's A Wild Horse4. The Channon5. Canada6. Constant Winter7. On A Hill In A Bed On A Road In A House8. Drif...
  • TOP 30 MARCH 28 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 7

    30. Dreaming Goldfrapp (ENG)From the album 'Head First', Mute.0         1         1 Download here Goldfrapp myspaceLive Performance  [youtube: 425 300]   29. I Feel Better Hot Chip (ENG)From the album '...
  • TOP 30 MARCH 21 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 6

    30. I Remember Yeasayer (USA)From the album 'Odd Blood' Secretly Canadian.25        6        68 Download hereYeasayer myspace Unofficial Clip[youtube: 425 300] 29. Weapons VSon Lux (USA)From the EP, 'Weap...
  • TOP 30 MARCH 14 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 5

    30. My Eyes To See Alcoholic Faith Mission (DEN)From the album 'Let This Be The Last Night We Care', PonyRec.27        5       25 Download hereAlcoholic Faith Mission myspace Audio Only[youtube: 425 300...
  • TOP 30 MARCH 7 2010 VOL: 2 NO: 4

    30. Yellow Wings Keepaway (USA)From the EP, 'Baby Style', Self Released. 24        3        26 Download hereKeepaway myspace Audio Only[youtube: 425 300] 29. MinorsToro Y Moi (USA)From the album 'Causers ...

    RSS Sunday, February 28, 2010NEW TOP 30 JUST ADDED CLICK HERE FOUR TET STAYS AT THE TOP WHILE THE TOP 30 WELCOMES FIVE NEW TRACKS The third Indie30 chart for 2010 was as you were at No 1 with Four Tet's nine minute epic 'Love Cry' remaining entrenched in ...
  • TOP 30 FEBRUARY 28 2010 VOL: 2 No: 3

    30. Swim Until You Can't See Land Frightened Rabbit (SCO)From the forthcoming album 'The Winter Of Mixed Drinks', Fat Cat Records. Out on March 2.26       3        17 Download hereFrightened Rabbit myspace Official Video[youtube:
  • TOP 30 FEBRUARY 21 2010 VOL: 2 No: 2

    30. Wind Blows Yukon Blonde (CAN)From the album 'Yukon Blonde', Nevado Records.25       2        7 Download hereYukon Blonde myspace Audio Only[youtube: 425 300] 29. Are You Really On My Side Silver Swans ...

    Monday, February 22LOCAL NATIVES (USA)Gorilla ManorFrench Kiss/InfectiousLocal Natives myspace Buy here Track Listing1. Wide Eyes (mp3)2. Airplanes 3. Sun Hands 4. World News (mp3) 5. Shape Shifter 6. Camera Talk (mp3)7. Cards And Quarters 8. Warning Sign...
  • TOP 30 FEBRUARY 14 2010

    30. '81Joanna Newsom (USA)From the forthcoming album 'Have One On Me', Drag City. Out on Feb 19 (AUS), Feb 23 (US/Europe)0        1        1 Download hereJoanna Newsom Label Page Audio Only  [youtube: 425...
  • TOP 30 VIDEOS OF 2009

     1. Sea Within A SeaThe Horrors (ENG)From the album 'Primary Colours', XL Recordings [youtube: 425 300]  2. TwoThe Antlers (USA)From the album 'Hospice', French Kiss Records[youtube:
  • TOP 30 ALBUMS OF 2009

     1. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE (USA)Merriweather Post PavillionDomino Animal Collective myspaceBuy here Track Listing1. In The Flowers2. My Girls (mp3)3. Also Frightened4. Summertime Clothes (mp3)5. Daily Routine6. Bluish7. Guys Eyes8. Taste9. Lion In A Coma10. N...
  • TOP 100 SONGS OF 2009

    1. Sea Within A Sea The Horrors (ENG)From the album 'Primary Colours', XL Recordings/Remote Control.Download hereThe Horrors myspace Official Clip [youtube: 425 300] 2. Beach TownLe Loup (USA)From the album 'Fami...

    RSS  Sunday, 29 November, 2009INDIE30 TAKES A BREAK - TOP 100 OF 2009 OUT NEXT SUNDAYOn December 6, Indie30 will announce our Top 100 tracks of 2009 as well as our Top 30 albums and Top 30 video clips. All three charts will appear on the site throughout ...
  • TOP 30 NOVEMBER 29

    TOP 30 - CHART NUMBER FORTY TWO - SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2009 30. ConfirmationWild Nothing (USA)From the single 'Confirmation', Transparent.19        5        36 Download hereWild Nothing myspace Audio Only[youtube:
  • TOP 30 NOVEMBER 22

    TOP 30 - CHART NUMBER FORTY ONE - SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2009 30. SinkingSkipping Girl Vinegar (AUS)From the album 'Sift The Noise', Secret Fox.0        1        1 Download hereSkipping Girl Vinegar myspace Audio Only[youtube:http://www...


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