Thursday, 28 May 2015 19:37

There’s a log jam of tracks waiting to enter the chart this week which means that for this week anyway, there is no room for two of our favourite artists who released new tracks last week, Dan Bejar’s Destroyer and Alan Palomo’s Neon indian. We’ve included 'Dream Lover' and 'Annie' respectively as predictions below as its likely they will enter at some stage and we didn't want to wait to post them even though you're probably all over both. There are also others of a very different type. More on one of those tomorrow. The back log stems from the fact that the last three weeks have seen almost half the chart turnover and those that have come in are just still too strong to tip out. Good news about the strength of good independent music right now and in that case in point, this site is just the tip of the iceberg, whatever you’re into.

Liza Anne's piece of perfectly paced pure pop brilliance, 'Take It Back' ascends to its inevitable position at top spot. Regular readers will know how much we have been gushing about it so that will be of no surprise to them!


The two new entries however do come from two artists that we have featured this week, Heather Woods Broderick with the first single from her new album, Glider, ’A Call For Distance’. That enters at 28. Going one better at 27 is the beautiful, yet quite sad, ‘Gena’ from LENPARROTT, whose EP Aquiobonism, was released earlier this month.


The two new tracks have joined the others in the player above while all details of all tracks can be found here.




Dream Lover

Destroyer (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, 'Poison Season', Merge/City Slang. Out on Aug 28.


Destroyer Facebook

Audio Stream



Neon Indian (USA)
From the single, 'Annie', Static Tongues / Mom + Pop.


Neon Indian Facebook

Official Video

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015 00:00

Earlier this month, French minimal synth pop artist, Nantes based Romain Lallement, together with the help of Maethelvin and Olivier Deniaud released his deeply affecting EP Aquiobonism under the LENPARROT moniker on the always reliable label Atelier Ciseaux. Using simple synthetic constructions and employing an unforgettable voice that quivers and pierces, the EP takes the listener in English through an intense, almost forlorn journey of self deprecation, heartbreak and regret. That’s not to say there are not lighter sides, as the latest hope laden single 'Gena' attests. There are only a few vinyl copies left folks so if you like the three tracks, the aforementioned 'Gena', the celestially dark escapism of 'Les yeux en cavale' and the slow drive of 'A Fake Prophet' grab it here. Two great videos accompany two of the tracks as well.




1. Les yeux en cavale

2. A Fake Prophet

3. Inner place

4. Gena

5. Mondegreens





From the EP, 'Aquiobonism', Atelier Ciseaux


Official Video

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Les yeux en cavale

From the EP, 'Aquiobonism', Atelier Ciseaux

Audio Stream

Official Video

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A Fake Prophet

From the EP, 'Aquiobonism', Atelier Ciseaux

Audio Stream

Saturday, 23 May 2015 20:34

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Nashville based singer/songwriter Liza Anne Odachowski released her exquisitely beautiful and personal second album this week, simply named Two. It quickly follows up her debut album from last year, The Colder Months and sees just seven tracks, all of which rest of precision and delicate arrangements, no waste, no wallowing in self-indulgence here. Liza Anne and her backing band aim for immediacy and connection and although each track is clearly deeply personal in a writing sense, their accessibility and virtuosity are readily clear. The accompanying guitar work by Julian Dente (YØUTH), Alex Edwards and producer Zachary Dyke is pivotal as are the harmonies in the back up vocals from Sam Pinkerton, Molly Bush and Molly Parden, not to mention to the intricacies of her percussion and rhythm section (Jason Kollar and Dyke). 

Those of you familiar with this site will have already familiarised yourselves with the gorgeous vibes of ‘Take It Back’, currently number two in our Top 30 chart. To think the album rests on that would be misleading however, as in totality its a diverse affair with that example of pop gold mixed with tracks of quiet and deep introspection, bookended by the banjo based atmospheric opener, ‘Lost’ and closed by the spartan like piano laden long distance ode, ‘Ocean’ (listen below). ‘Low Tide’ is the perfect accompaniment to ‘Take It Back’ and both illustrate her ear for an infectious tune. ‘Room’ positively glides by while the melancholic darkness that envelops ‘Overnight’ illustrates the diversity on display. You would be hard pressed not to be deeply affected by this all too brief album. Two is self released and out now. Highly recommended.


James Stocker - 23 May, 2015.




Liza Anne (USA)
From the album, 'Two', Self Released

Liza Anne Official

Buy album here

Audio Stream

Friday, 22 May 2015 19:27

Heather Woods Broderick is set to release her first solo outing in six years, Glider, in July. The Portland based singer/songwriter has been plying her trade for over a decade as a solo artist and with the likes of Efterklang and Horse Feathers as well as more recently being an integral part of Sharon van Etten’s touring troupe. Despite the six year absence in a solo sense since the release of 2009’s From The Ground the constant touring, restlessness and absence from a concrete home base has informed the brooding yet hopeful nature contained in the two tracks released from Glider thus far, the sprawling wonder of the cinematic and slow building, ‘A Call For Distance’ and the measured simplicity of ‘Wyoming’, which is now accompanied by a video. Despite it being named after a landlocked US state, the video sees Woods Broderick alone on what supposedly is the Pacific coast, reflecting the yearning nature of the track. Glider is out through Western Vinyl on July 10. On the immense strength of the two tracks below, we definitely look forward to hearing what the rest of the record has in store. Pre-order on vinyl here. Woods Broderick begins a supporting tour with Jesse Marchant next Wednesday in Portland. Dates at her website below.




1. Up In The Pine

2. Mama Shelter

3. Fall Hard

4. Wyoming

5. The Sentiments

6. A Call For Distance

7. Desert

8. Glider

9. All For A Love




Heather Woods Broderick (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'Glider', Western Vinyl. Out July 10.

Heather Woods Broderick Official

Audio Stream

Official Video

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A Call For Distance

Heather Woods Broderick (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'Glider', Western Vinyl. Out July 10.

Audio Stream

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 19:51

The new single, 'Four Steps From Home' from Irish/Australian and Berlin based duo Evvol heads up the six new entries this week at number 19. Three of the electronic based tracks we've featured this week, Overseas' from Superpoze (24), 'Mendrake' from Len Sander (25) and 'Japanese Bubbles' from Applescal (26) also come in.

The other new entries come from Auckland based electronic popster Boycrush who has enlisted former Yumi Zouma member Kim Pflaum (yes, she's left the trio to pursue solo work) for his new single, the sun drenched 'Flirt' from his forthcoming Girls On Top EP to be released next week. That's at 27. The final new track comes from Los Angeles duo Sibling with their sweet new single 'Easy' at 28. These are both below.

All chart details can be found here while all tracks are streaming as always in the player, newest entries first.



27. Flirt (feat YumiZouma/Madeira)

Boycrush (NZL)
From the EP, 'Girls On Top', Self Released.


Boycrush Facebook

Audio Stream


28. Easy

Sibling (USA)
From the single, 'Easy', Self Released.


Sibling Facebook

Audio Stream

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 20:02


Amsterdam based producer Pascal Terstappen, aka Applescal, has just dropped his fourth album, For, a delicate affair full of subtle dreamscapes, intricate percussive structures and almost subconscious danceable moments. It’s a much more smoother affair than his previous releases with less use of static and intervention and more continuity. Focusing in on minimalism though is a Terstappen trademark and ‘Japanese Bubbles’, the first single to drop from the record is no exception with its buoyancy conveying the feeling you are just staying afloat without being concerned of going under - a state of aquatic suspension almost.


You can listen to the track below and sample two other tracks at his soundcloud here and get an idea that this is a varied affair. Listen to the track below and grab a copy of For on vinyl here.




1. Like You Do

2. Matter

3. For Lovers

4. Overseas

5. Moabit

6. Flutes In The Air

7. Japanese Bubbles

8. Where Are You

9. Airports

10. Borrowing The Past (feat. Rhian Sheehan)



Japanese Bubbles

Applescal (NET)
From the album, 'For, Atomnation.

Applescal Facebook

Audio Stream

Monday, 18 May 2015 00:00

French producer Superpoze (Gabriel Legeleux) released his first full length album, Opening, under that moniker last month and on vinyl this week. It’s a meticulously crafted record reflecting his primary place in the a newly carved out intuitive, instinctual and emotive French dance scene alongside Dream Koala, SWTOKuage, Andrea and Fakear among others.

Legeleux began his musical journey as a beatmaker using other samples but has progressed to constructing his own affecting melodies and beats. The eight tracks reflect his growing songwriting ability and provoke intense contemplation as Legeleux produces his craft from the inner most depths of his psyche, not in an intangible sense though, as he cordially invites you to come with him to make of his worldly contributions what you will. This is produced electronic music of the highest quality.

We have two tracks from the record for you to explore below, the patiently structured 'Overseas' and the delicate slow burner 'Unlive'. Opening is out now on Legeleux's own Combien Mille label (except UK - June 8?). Get it on vinyl irregardless from France here.



1. Opening

2. North

3. Time Travel

4. Overseas

5. Unlive

6. Ten Lakes

7. Movement

8. Home Is Where I Am



Superpoze (FRA)
From the album, 'Opening', Combien Mille Records

Superpoze Facebook

Audio Stream



Superpoze (FRA)
From the album, 'Opening', Combien Mille Records

Audio Stream

Saturday, 16 May 2015 19:40

Three months back Swiss electronic outfit Len Sander released their nocturnal and minimalist debut LP, Phantom Garden. We’d heard the odd track here and there but only just received the whole album this week. What’s immediately clear is the experience the six members bring to bear to the record, it having been in the works for many long year. This is reflected in the various dance and electronic influences that pepper the nine tracks. Alternating deep and minimal house, trip hop and ambient stripes come to mind sound wise. The first single, ‘Black Briony’ released two years ago reflects the record’s understated emotional intensity and the title track employs deep synths, harmonies and electronic beats to an enveloping effect Two very different tracks are featured below, ‘Mendrake’, an up tempo, restless number replete with Blanka Inauen’s casual vocals displaying an overtly disinterested but covertly longing disposition and ‘Ungrowing’, with its effusive effects mixed with emotive traditional and modern keys.The band suggests the listener devour the whole record at once and at night and we couldn’t agree more. It’s just a pity it took almost a decade to surface. Road test below and if you agree with our assessment, do it by grabbing it here




1. Animal State Of Mind

2. Mendrake

3. Black Bryony

4. The Bird

5. Nightshade

6. Ungrowing

7. Phantom Garden

8. Electrocardiography

9. Fluttering Heights




Len Sander (SWI)
From the album, 'Phantom Garden', Self Released.

Len Sander Official

Official Video

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Len Sander (SWI)
From the album, 'Phantom Garden', Self Released.

Len Sander Facebook

Audio Stream

Official Video

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Friday, 15 May 2015 18:42

All apologies for the lateness of this week's installment of the Top 30. We're down to one writer and I am travelling. Just arrived into New York after an amazing weekend at Psychfest in Austin. Congratulations to all involved from the artists, the organisers, to the workers and the punters given the trying conditions. A massive success! Don't worry though, it will be business as usual as far as Indie30 is concerned.

Anyway, whatever from me. This week sees five new entries, three of which we have featured during the week, the second entry for the year in the form of the glorious title track from the new Jacco Gardner album, Hypnophobia at 18, the gorgeous new single 'Flaw' from Japanese artist Noah at 20 and the sublime as always contribution, 'Headbanging in The Mirror' from Matt Mondanile's Ducktails project at 24.

The two previously unfeatured new entries both come from Sweden. The first is from Cornelia Dahlgren, now based in London. She is set to release her debut album, Balun, on June 15 on her own Camp Mozart label and in addition to the expertly constructed and beautiful ambience of 'Cruising', we get to feature the second amazing video of this week in addition to the stunning Noah video of ealier in the week. It's an example of how drones can be used for good and sees Southern California from the air at night in all its lit up beauty. 'Cruising' is the highest new track and sits at 17.

The second comes from Little Children, a trio led by the songwriting of Linus Lutti with instrumentalists Andres Söderström and Mathias Bergkvist. They have an EP surfacing on June 2 called Travelling Through Darkness on Cosmos. The second single, the hopelessly catchy 'We're Falling' is in at 26.

One place above that is Chicago duo IDYLL's track 'Bad Boi', doing the rounds for a few weeks now. It has a brand new video which you can check out below too.

In big news, Kyoto born and now Tokyo based artist, the amazing Cuushe, has knocked Tame Impala's 'Let It Happen' from the number one spot with the spellbinding dance inspired 'Daze'.

All chart details here and all tracks in the player top right.


17. Cruising

Cornelia (SWE)
From the forthcoming album, 'Balun', Camp Mozart. Out July 15.


Cornelia Official

Official Video

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25. We're Falling

Little Children (SWE)
From the forthcoming EP, 'Travelling Through Darkness', Cosmos. Out June 2.


IDYLL Facebook

Audio Stream


24. Bad Boi

From the forthcoming EP, 'One', FoF Music.


IDYLL Facebook

Official Video

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 17:13

This is a really simple post. Anything that anybody from Real Estate does is just gorgeous - they just cannot fail with us. This new track, even the silly named 'Headbanging In The Mirror' by Matt Mondanile's Ducktails project is the latest gem to surface. His new album, St. Catherine, is out July 24th. Apart from the fact the album snares the help of Julia Holter, James Ferraro (on this track) and the late Elliot Smith's XO producer Rob Schnapf, there's no more to be said really.


1. The Disney Afternoon

2. Headbanging In The Mirror

3. Into The Sky

4. Heaven’s Room

5. St. Catherine

6. The Laughing Woman

7. Surreal Exposure

8. Church

9. Medieval

10. Krumme Lanke

11. Reprise



Headbanging In The Mirror

Ducktails (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'St. Catherine', Domino. Out on July 24.

Ducktails Facebook

Audio Stream


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