Monday, 11 May 2015 20:45

Aichi based electronic constructivist Noah, is set to release her debut record, Sivutie, later this year and in the past week has unveiled its first track, the undulating celestial like, 'Flaw'. The 15 track album is a work in the same dreamy delicate trajectory as label mates Cuushe ('Daze' at No. 2) and Cokiyu and the last Ricky Eat Acid album from last year, it inwardly and expertly captures the winter of her northern Japanese upbringing as well as her musical predilictions for childlike melodies, R&B and trip hop elements as well as cinematic and drone like influences, it really is a most delicate work of art. Listen to 'Flaw' and its b-side below and look out for Sivutie (Finnish for 'side road') out on Flau Records June 22nd. The music video by Takafumi Tsuchiya of TAFCOM is simply stunning!



1. Sivutie

2. Flexion

3. Motion

4. Unspoken

5. Weak

6. (interlude - Drøm)

7, Fehér

8. Times

9. Pool Garden

10. Gorgeous Death (Noah Remix)

11. Blur

12. Flaw

13 (interlude- Doll)

14. Tadzio

15. Siviutie A Reprise




Noah (JAP)
From the forthcoming album, 'Sivutie', Flau Records. Out June 22.

Noah Official

Buy single here

Audio Stream

Official Video

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Doll (kidkanevil remix)

Noah (JAP)
From the single, 'Flaw', Flau Records.

Audio Stream

Friday, 08 May 2015 00:00

We know Dutch singer/songwriter and multi-intrumentalist Jacco Gardner wears his influences firmly and lovingly on his sleeve but seriously if you can’t notice, hear and feel the individuality and idiosyncrasies he brings to his latest release, Hypnophobia, and you dismiss it out of hand as a facsimile of another time, you'll be missing out on ten special tracks that are lovingly crafted like distant homages of respect but positively sparkle with exceptional instances of modernity. The talented yet humble Gardner plays everything on the album bar drums and is expertly complemented by Nic Niggebrugge on eight tracks and by long time collaborator Jans Van Tol ('Find Yourself' & 'Outside Forever') Their stick work is absolutely pivotal.

This sounds like a 21st century release and is actually less psychedelic, more spatial, electronic and instrumental than his debut Cabinet Of Curiosities'. Spot first single ‘Find Yourself’ (still in our Top 30), the disciplined eight minute space like wonder that nicely centres the record, ‘Before The Dawn’ and the beguiling vortex like second single and title track and we should need not say anymore. Stream that title track below and if you get it like we do grab your vinyl copy of Hypnophobia right here.




Jacco Gardner (NET)
From the album, 'Hypnophobia', Excelsior/Polyvinyl/Full Time Hobby

Jacco Gardner Official

Audio Stream

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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 18:03

Los Angeles intense and emotive noise merchants HEALTH return after what almost seems like an eternity. It's been six long years since the release of the amazing, Go Slow, one of our Top 10 albums of 2009 and now they've announced their follow up in the form of Death Magic, set for release in August on Loma Vista/Fiction/Caroline. The first taste is the celestially withering 'New Coke' and that enters at 17. Beware the end of the video below - it's not for the faint of stomach. They're playing Psychfest in Austin this weekend - psyched for that because this little writer will get to see them - nuts!

One spot behind is the intellectual pop of another L.A. band BREAKFAST with the deceptively ascerbic, 'Sally Hansen'. This band are one of our favourites at present and this song is one of the reasons why 2015 is a break out year for the quartet. It actually replaces previous single 'Boris' in a one for one of sorts!

We featured the gorgeously taut pop of EZTV yesterday and their first ever single 'The Light' debuts at 21.

We first fell in love with the distinctively peculiar Part Time, the project of Californian artist David Loca (formerly Speck) in 2013 with his Top 100 listed, 'I Want To Go'. Now he returns with the release of a sprawling twenty track new record Virgo's Maze. Indeed, the prolific nature of him and his bandmates work over the last five years, which this double album encompasses is dizzying given there is another Part Time release out at present, Return To Cherry. The second single from Virgo's Maze is 'Fallin 4 U' and that's in at 26. Listen for the inevitable twist and then downright sabotage at the end. Would not have it any other way.

The final new entry comes from New Zealand/American duo Tamaryn (primarily consisting of her and Rex John Shelverton) and its the first we've heard of them since the release of the brilliant Top 30 album listed Tender New Signs back in 2012. The less dreamy and more surging straight up new single is called, 'Put Your Hands All Over Me' and that's in 27.

Self released Los Angeles artist Miya Folick moves into the Top 10 with the driving and earnest 'I Got Drunk' (17 to 9) while BOAN and Cuushe swap places to 3 and 2 respectively with 'Mentiras' and 'Daze'. And yes, the seemingly divisive Kevin Parker's Tame Impala project, whose new direction, which we love here, seems to dividing some long time devotees, remains at 1 with 'Let It Happen'. Differing opinions on music? Wouldn't have that any other way either.

Check out three of the five new entries below. The other two, from BREAKFAST and EZTV can be found here and here.

All details of all tracks can be found HERE while all tracks as always are playing in the Top 30 player from newest entry in to your top right.

Onwards to Austin Psychfest peoples!!!!


17. New Coke

From the forthcoming album, 'Death Magic', Loma Vista/Fiction/Caroline. Out early August.


HEALTH Facebook

Audio Stream

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26. Fallin' 4 U

Part Time (USA)
From the album, 'Virgo's Maze', Burger Records.


Part Time Facebook

Audio Stream


27. Hands All Over Me

Tamaryn (NZL/USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'Cranekiss', Mexican Summer. Out August 28.


Tamaryn Official

Audio Stream

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Tuesday, 05 May 2015 23:46

Brooklyn trio EZTV, the project of Ezra Tenenbaum recently dropped their debut single, the rather inwardly yearning yet outwardly addictive, 'The Light'. It's been around for a couple of weeks but its taken us a while to get to it. Listen below and look out for their debut long player, The Calling, out through Captured Tracks on July 10. Btw - got to have a little smirk at the band name if you're in the know!


The Light

From the forthcoming album, 'The Calling', Captured Tracks. Out on July 10.

EZTV Facebook

Audio Stream

Saturday, 02 May 2015 00:00

An unsettling and dark video that is perfectly suited for their equally discomforting brand new single, 'Four Steps From Home' has just been released by Berlin based darkwave outfit Evvol. It departs in tempo from the equally uneasy, 'No Love' still sitting in our Top 30, and is a tour de force of sorts as the track and its visuals trace a hedonistic and tumultous journey of lust and desire where the hypnotic pulsating beats and synths set themselves up against lyrical yearnings of need. The debut album, Eternalism, from the Irish/Australian duo which will feature both tracks is out June 9 on Mad Dog & Love Records. 




1. I See You (I Am You)

2. Sola

3. Sirius A

4. Starcrossed

5. Your Love

6. No Love

7. Vega

8. Denouement

9. Four Steps From Home



Four Steps From Home

Evvol (IRE/AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'Eternalism', Mad Dog & Love Records. Out on June 8.

Evvol Official

Official Video

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Friday, 01 May 2015 00:00

The Soft Moon, the project of Oakland via Venice via Berlin cold/dark wave electronic musician Luis Vasquez treated the crowd to an intensely powerful set at Holocene in Portland on Sunday night. The show was part of a whirlwind 30 date tour throughout North America and marks the first time Vasquez has played his home state of California for over two years. The band took the appreciative audience through a mind tripping journey of mood and atmospherics as the band ploughed through, at almost breakneck speed, tracks from the lastest record, the European recorded Deeper, as well as some earlier tracks from Zeros. The mastery that Vasquez has over his craft vocally, electronically and on guitar, three things he mixes with ease and the disciplined virtuosity displayed by his touring bassist and drummer were a joy to behold. I managed to view the show stage left behind the drummer and was left in awe. Such power!

Below are some pictures of the night along with the setlist and the remaining dates of the tour. There's also streams of his latest singles from the album, the ultra dark and in your face, 'Black' and the more melodic searching "Feel' below. The awesome new album, Deeper, is out now on Captured Tracks. Get it here and the vinyl repressings of Zeros are available now too.

Set Listing



Dead Love





Into The Depths

Sewer Sickness




Alove Alone

Die Life




Remaining Dates


Friday, May 1 - The Casbah, San Diego

Saturday May 2, Pub Rock, Scottsdale

Sunday May 3, Sister Bar, Albuquerque

Tuesday May 5, The Opolis, Norman

Wednesday May 6, Club Dada, Dallas

Thursday May 7, Fitzgerald’s, Houston

Friday May 8, Austin Psych Fest, Austin

Saturday May 9, One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans

Sunday, May 10, Manimal Gallery, Atlanta


Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Soft Moon Live @ Holocene, Portland OR.












The Soft Moon (USA)
From the album, 'Deeper', Captured Tracks.

The Soft Moon Official

Audio Streams

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The Soft Moon (USA)
From the album, 'Deeper', Captured Tracks.

The Soft Moon Facebook

Audio Stream

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 00:00

Probably one of the toughest weeks to order the chart ever. So much good independent stuff around from so many good people. Three new entries this week, all of whom we have featured over the past week, so no new tracks accompanying this post but big moves afoot. A huge debut from Copenhagen pop quartet ONBC who go straight into the Top 10 with the beguiling 'White Trash' at number seven. Miya Folick's awesome new single, 'I Got Drunk' enters at 16 while just one place behind our album of the week artist American Wrestlers joins in with his new single, 'Kelly'.

The Liza Anne track is the biggest mover this week just taking complete hold here right now. The perceptive self released 'Take It Back' from the Nashville singer songwriter rises from 22 to 8 while other big movers include Eternal Summers, whose track, 'Together Or Alone' just gets better with every listen (21 to 12).

Arguably the best track that Mayuko Hitosuyanagi's Cuushe project has released (and there have been plenty of great ones), 'Daze', off her recently released Night Lines EP rises to three while the Austin duo BOAN hit number two with the perfect alienation that is 'Mentiras'.

The meticulously layered modern masterpiece 'Let It Happen' from Tame Impala remains at number one and seriously, apart from Nick Cave and his various incarnations and coterie of musicians that have accompanied him over the years, and the gorgeous Go-Betweens and The Triffids, Australia has not produced a more important independent artist than Kevin Parker - ever! Yes, that's a very subjective opinion but so what? We've included the abbreviated late night TV performance he and his talented assistants did recently below. Cannot wait for Currents to come out and seventh heaven awaits this little writer at Psychfest in Austin!

We profusely apologise for the inadvertent advertisment sitting there before the Tame Impala live performance video.

And we've also reposted the Liza Anne video too and an amazing live performance of the said track in Dallas.

All details of all 30 tracks in order here and they're all streaming in the player top left!

And thanks to my beautiful partner in crime Dave Roberts who keeps designing the awesome graphics for our top 30 posts!


1. Let It Happen

Tame Impala (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'Currents', Modular. No release date.

Tame Impala Official


Live performance (edit version)

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8. Take It Back

Liza Anne (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'Two', Self Released. Out on May 19.

Liza Anne Official

Liza Anne Facebook

Official Video

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Live at Sofar, Dallas

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:00

Los Angeles artist Miya Folick, has just released her second single of 2015, 'I Got Drunk', this week, a straight ahead heartfelt piece of pop/rock intelligence to follow up the more circumspect 'Talking With Strangers'. We have both singles for streaming below. It follows up the more pastoral like sounds of her 2013 Blue Whale EP which you can buy for four bucks here. These tracks are a major step forward and I think we're going to hear a lot more from this very promising singer/songwriter. Cannot wait!


I Got Drunk

Miya Folick (USA)
From the single, 'I Got Drunk', Self Released.

Miya Folick Facebook

Audio Stream


Talking With Strangers

Miya Folick (USA)
From the single, 'Talking With Strangers', Self Released.

Miya Folick Soundcloud

Audio Stream

Monday, 27 April 2015 00:00

Next month Copenhagen quartet ONBC are set to release their long awaited debut long player, Crash, Burn & Cry. This is despite them having being around in various guises for over a decade. Stemming from the demise of a number of independent Danish pop bands over the past decade, Oliver North Boy Choir (that provides the abbreviated new moniker), The Boombox Hearts, epo-555, Private and Superheroes.

The current incarnation began with Mikkel Max (guitars), Camilla Florentz (bass/vocals) and Ivan Petersen (drums/percussion) being joined by Tanja Simonsen (vocals/synths) and the debut record reflects the various influences of all four members. While the music is of cinematically exquisite yet understated and somewhat fragile beauty, lyrically its an intellectually and emotionally bittersweet lament on the hypocrisy and churlishness of western life in all its dichotomies and regressiveness. How can some of us have it so good when what is done in our name, and indeed what we do ourselves on a political and personal level often leaves, in the words of the often used idiom, a great deal to be desired? We are sentient beings after all. But this is not an album to imbue depression, its honesty and integrity is to be celebrated.

This is no better illustrated than in the "to die for" first single, 'White Trash', an exceptional example of delectible musical melody, gorgeous vocal harmonies and deliberate laconic timing. Everything the heartfelt and brutally sincere lyrics are not. In our view, among the best tracks of 2015 so far. Other standout tracks, although there is no filler to be found, is the angular reverb drenched 'Brothers', the pensive, almost post-rock like 'Copenhagen' and the haunting and hypnotic opener, 'The Railing'.

Crash, Burn & Cry is out on erstwhile long time Copenhagen label Crunchy Frog Records May 11. Pre-order the vinyl here. Highly recommended.


1. The Railing

2. White Trash

3. Call It What You Want

4. The Warehouse

5. Classic

6. One Of These Days Pt. 1

7. Brothers

8. Knocked Out

9. Copenhagen

10. One Of These Days Pt. 2



White Trash

From the forthcoming album, 'Crash, Burn & Cry', Crunchy Frog Records. Out May 11.

ONBC Facebook

Audio Stream

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Sunday, 26 April 2015 23:01

The debut record just released by American Wrestlers, the musical project of Scotsman at large and now American resident Gary McClure is an absolute treasure. The rustic recording and the simply beguiling hooks are something to behold. All eight tracks are of solid state variety and are equally as good as each other. We first laid our ears on McClure's work last year with the release of our Top 100 listed track 'I Can Do No Wrong' and 'There's No One Crying Over Me Either' has just completed its six week stint in our Top 30 chart. Now the third track from the album has been released, 'Kelly', complete with video. Check out the catchy four to the floor number below which starts off in lo-fi fashion and then suddenly rips into an enveloping pop/rock gem. You'll love it! The self titled debut is out now through Fat Possum. Grab it on vinyl here.



1. There’s No One Crying Over Me Either

2. Holy

3. Wild Yonder

4. I Can Do No Wrong

5. The Rest Of You

6. Kelly

7. Cheapshot

8. Left




American Wresters (USA)
From the album, 'American Wrestlers', Fat Possum.

American Wrestlers Facebook

Audio Stream

Official Video

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Your Heart Still Beating

Ribbon Music





Cherry Coffee/Warp Records




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