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Klara and Johanna are the sisters Soderberg, from the southern suburb of Enskede, Stockholm. The amazing story arcing from composing a song as teenagers for a demo tape in 2007, to playing stages around the world in 2012, is an example of how amazing the Internet can be. As First Aid Kit, their true and beautiful talent began having people take notice with the posting of their Youtube clip, a cover of 'Tiger Mountain Peasant Song'. This three minute gift to the Fleet Foxes from the sisters, then 15 and 18 years old, is an incredible thing to see and hear. Those harmonies seem impossible to come from anyone so young, but the talent is clearly there and it's little wonder they had a contract with Rabid Records partly owned by fellow Swedes The Knife, just twelve months later. Their first release, the EP Drunken Trees was re-released a year later by London's Wichita Records, and their star was well on the rise. The Big Black & The Blue debuted as their first album two years ago and the girls' played a massive world tour taking in around 100 shows.

The Lion's Roar is their latest offering, and the harmonies have never sounded better. Mike Mogis, of Bright Eyes has produced, and the result is a gorgeous, richly instrumented jewel of a listen. Title track, 'The Lion's Roar' begins the LP and the Americana sounding Swedish sung vocals launch skyward, "Now the pale mornings of forgotten things, She plays a tune for those who wish to overlook, The fact that they have been blindly deceived, By those who preach and pray and teach, But she falls short and the night explodes in laughter". 'Emmylou' follows and sounds deeply rooted in old time America, it's joyous and powers along, an ode to country music legends Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash. I'm not asking much of you, Just sing a little darlin', Sing with me" goes the chorus, pure country pop, and pure bliss to behold. 'Blue' is triumphant with its cruising bass-line and glittering glockenspiel and tight production, while 'To A Poet' is more stripped back, a bare and spartan track sandwiched amongst the denser songs either side. 

'Dance to Another Tune' is breezy and folky, followed by 'New Years Eve' a more rollicking track which is perhaps a tribute to Joni Mitchell. If First Aid Kit haven't won you over (especially if you're not a fan, or are slightly afraid of ,'country infused' music), the last track 'King Of The World' can only change all that. The whole album has an uptempo, positive energy around it, and it all seems to come together harmoniously on this final track. Conor Oberst makes a grand appearance in this raucous shindig of a track. "I'm nobodies baby, I'm everybody's girl, I'm the queen of nothing, I'm the king of the world", it's a perfect way to round off Lion's Roar. 

As the girls sing on 'Emmylou', "I'm not asking much of you, Just sing a little darlin', Sing with me" this album is not ultra-reflective, existential or rocket science. It just wants you to sit back and enjoy the hayride. And it's one well worth taking.

-Dave Roberts, March 22, 2012 

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes cover)

First Aid Kit (SWE)

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First Aid Kit (SWE)
From the album, 'The Lions Roar', Witchita Records

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April 15, 2014


Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled

Buzz Records

Odonis Odonis Official Site

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1. Tension
2. Are We Friends
3. Order In The Court
4. New Obsession
5. Breathing Hard
6. Mr Smith
7. Release
8. Angus Mountain
9. Office Sluts
10. Highnote
11. Transmission From The Moon
12. Alexa Wait

April 15, 2014


Under Color Of Official Right

Hardly Art

Protomartyr Facebook

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1. Maidenhead
2. Ain't So Simple
3. Want Remover
4. Trust Me Billy
5. Pagans
6. What The Wall Said
7. Tarpeian Rock
8. Bad Advice
9. Son Of Dis
10. Scum, Rise!
11. I Stare At Floors
12. Come & See
13. Violent
14. I'll Take That Applause

April 1, 2014




Future Islands Official Site

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1. Seasons (Wating On You)
2. Spirit
3. Sun In the Morning
4. Doves
5. Back In The Tall Grass
6. A Song For Our Grandfathers
7. Light House
8. Like The Moon
9. Fall From Grace
10. A Dream Of You And Me


March 25, 2014


Lost In The Dream

Secretly Canadian

The War On Drugs Official Site

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1. Under The Pressure
2. Red Eyes
3. Suffering
4. An Ocean In Between The Waves
5. Disappearing
6. Eyes To The Wind
7. The Haunting Idle
8. Burning
9. Lost In The Dream
10. In Reverse


March 18, 2014




Real Estate Official Site

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1. Had To Hear
2. Past Lives
3. Talking Backwards
4. April's Song
5. The Bend
6. Crime
7. Primitive
8. How Might I Live
9. Horizon
10. Navigator


March 11, 2014


Present Tense


Wild Beasts Official Site

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1. Wanderlust
2. Nature Boy
3. Mecca
4. Sweet Spot
5. Daughters
6. A Pregnant Pause
7. A Simple Beautiful Truth
8. A Dog's Life
9. Past Perfect
10. New Life
11. Palace


March 4, 2014


Burn Your Fire For No Witness


Angel Olsen Official Site

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1. Unfucktheworld
2. Forgiven/Forgotten
3. Hi-Five
4. White Fire
5. High & Wild
6. Lights Out
7. Stars
8. Iota
9. Dance  Slow Decades
10. Enemy
11. Windows


February 25, 2014



Caldo Verde

Sun Kil Moon Official Site

Buy here (CD Only - no vinyl release)

1. Carissa
2. I Can't Live Without My Mother's Love
3. Truck Driver
4. Dogs
5. Pray For Newtown
6. Jim Wise
7. I Love My Dad
8. I Watched The Film The Song Remains The Same
9. Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes
10. Micheline
11. Ben's My Friend


February 18, 2014


Three Love Songs

Orchid Tapes

Ricky Eat Acid Facebook

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1. There Is Only You In The Light & Nothing Else
2. Driving Alone Past Roadwork At Night
3. Inside My House; Some Place I Keep Dreaming About
4. Big Man's Last Trip Outside
5. In Rural Virginia; Watching Glowing Lights Crawl From The Dark Corners Of The Room
6. Inside Your House; It Will Swallow Us Too
7. It Will Draw Me Over To It Like It Always Does
8. In My Dreams We're Almost Touching
9. God Puts Us All In The Swimming Pool
10. Outside Your House; The Lights Went Out & There Was Nothing
11. I Can Hear The Heart Breaking As One
12. Starting Over


February 11, 2014



We Were Never Being Boring

Be Forest Facebook

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1. Totem
2. Captured Heart
3. Lost Boy
4. Ghost Dance
5. Airwaves
6. Totem II
7. Colours
8. Sparkle
9. Hideaway


February 4, 2014


The Age Of Fracture

Tough Love Records

Cymbals Facebook

Buy here

1. Winter '98
2. The Natural World
3. You Are
4. Empty Space
5. The 5%
6. The Fracture Of Age
7. Like An Animal
8. Erosion
9. This City
10. The End
11. Call Me




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1. Beautiful Criminal
2. Psychic Trauma
Cloud Nothings (USA)
3. Seasons (Waiting On You)
Future Islands (USA)
4. No Romance
Tirzah (ENG)
5. Copper Thief
Case Conrad (SWE)
6. Interference Fits
Perfect Pussy (USA)
7. The Space Between Us
+/- (USA)
8. Battles
9. Come & See
Protomartyr (USA)
10. Carmine
Cloud Boat (ENG)





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