Wednesday, 02 September 2015 00:00

Brisbane quartet Blank Realm are set to release their latest long player, the aptly named ‘Illegals In Heaven', later this week, another diamond in the rough and undoubtedly the best yet in their rather vast catalogue. The fiercely independent outfit have finally produced the record they have been promising for years in the sense that this is their first studio recorded effort. It’s hard to believe it’s taken so long for the band to get the opportunity to take their unique combination of scuffed up, hook filled pop/rock stylings to the next level. However, its unsurprising given their predilection for the DIY approach. Their discography reads like a nomadic journey from minuscule album releases on an Italian label, to live recordings, to self released CD-R’s at home, EP's and the two recent label album releases. First single, ‘River Of Longing’ has enjoyed a number of weeks at the top of our chart and two more cuts from, the swinging, hook filled, ‘Palace Of Love and the introspective and hypnotic, ‘Too Late Now’ (through NPR) can be streamed below. Indeed the whole album is streaming here. Illegals In Heaven is out September 4 on Bedroom Suck Records in Australia and on Fire Records internationally. Get it on vinyl here. Highly, highly recommended!



Palace Of Love

Blank Realm (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'Illegals In Heaven', Bedroom Suck / Fire Records. Out Sept 4.

Blank Realm Facebook

Audio Stream


Too Late Now

Blank Realm (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'Illegals In Heaven', Bedroom Suck / Fire Records. Out Sept 4.

Blank Realm Facebook

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Listen on NPR here

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 00:00

Iasi ambient rock/electronic outfit, Fine, It’s Pink recently announced the forthcoming international release of their debut single, the vividly spacious, yet restrained ‘Young Burns’. Originally released on their self titled EP in Romania, word is it will be the first of two singles to be released ahead of their debut album set for early 2016. Check out the video for it that dropped a couple of weeks back directed by Iustin Surpnelu. See more of the talented band in full flight live at a session expertly recorded and exquisitely shot last year at Baia Turceasca and surrounds in their home city. It contains three extended tracks across 30 minutes. ’Young Burns’ is out now digitally and physically on September 25.


Young Burns

Fine, It's Pink (ROM)
From the forthcoming single, 'Young Burns', Self Released

Fine, It's Pink Facebook

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Official Video

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Friday, 28 August 2015 00:00

If you’re a regular purveyor of this Top 30 chart, you’d be familiar that independent heavyweights Destroyer and Neon Indian both entered together a few weeks back with the first lifting from their new albums, Poison Season and VEGA INTL. Night School respectively. Well, this week sees the same thing happen with the Bowie styled 'Times Square' from the Dan Bejar masterminded outfit entering at 17 while Alan Palomo’s project continues the move away from chill wave and into proto disco and funk with ‘Slumlord’ at 19. We featured the new Grand Courriers track, ‘Table Talk’ during the week and that enters at 28.

Trumping these three is the farewell track from soon to be defunct Stockholm duo Korallreven with the wistful ‘Here In Iowa’ at 15. Melbourne post punk quartet Gold Class smashed its way into the Top 10, rising 14 places to 10 with the urgent, ‘Life As A Gun’ while FKA twigs ‘In Time’ (6) and Molly Nilsson, ‘1995’ (8) also enter the top third. Ought is still at number one with the epic ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’.


All tracks in their order including links and releases details can be found here while the newest entries down are streaming in the player.



17. Times Square

Destroyer (CAN)
From the album, 'Poison Season', Merge/City Slang.


Destroyer Facebook

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19. Slumlord

Neon Indian (USA)
From the forthcoming album, 'VEGA INTL. Night School', Mom + Pop..


Neon Indian Facebook

Official Video

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 00:00

Adelaide minimalist post punk trio Terrible Truths are set to release their debut album this October and have just shared the first cut from it, the two minute spiky and attitude filled, 'The Coast Is Clear'. The Rani Rose and Stacey Wilson led band released a now out of print EP a few years back and then had a single, 'Lift Weights' released on American label Mexican Summer back in 2012. Apart from a split with Melbourne band Hissy Miyake their releases have been few and far between. This self titled debut changes all that. And yep, guess what, they're on Bedroom Suck, the independent Brisbane label, who are going to land the 2015 winning trifecta as a result, being the home of the soon to be released, Illegals In Heaven from Blank Realm and Totally Mild's Down Time. Terrible Truths is out on October 9. Pre-order it here.


The Coast Is Clear

Terrible Truths (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'Terrible Truths', Bedroom Suck.

Terrible Truths Facebook

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Monday, 24 August 2015 00:00

Toronto post rock instrumentalists Fresh Snow are set to release their second full length album, to follow up 2013’s, I. Simply titled, WON, it’s a wild five song ride taking the listener through a myriad of approaches and styles within and between tracks. Take for example, ’King Twin Rides Again’, the album’s all instrumental opener which begins in a cold, robotic like place but ends up in almost euphoric celebratory form. The album is not completely vocalless, featuring a delicate contribution from the uber talented Carmen Elle (DIANA) on the almost celestially funky ‘Proper Burial’ and a typically trenchant performance from Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) on the 10 minute work of hypnotic dissonance, ‘Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth’. Proper Burial can be streamed and its video viewed below while you can pre-order the album through Hand Drawn Dracula here.


1. King Twink Rides Again

2. Proper Burial (feat. Carmen Elle)

3. Blood In The Sun (digital only)

4. Delft

5. Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth (feat. Damian Abraham)


Proper Burial (feat. Carmen Elle)

Fresh Snow (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, WON', Hand Drawn Dracula. Out Sept. 11.

Totally Mild Facebook

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Official Video

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Saturday, 22 August 2015 00:00

Earlier this month, Minneapolis duo Grand Courriers released their third single, the melacholic and introspective, yet warm, ‘Table Talk’. As with their previous two singles, Donald Lawson and Brady Lundy show once again they have an uncanny ability to raise the stakes within a track with the utmost care and subtlety. Another winner. Stream it below.

If you aren’t familiar with their work, check out the first two singles here and here.


Table Talk

Grand Courriers (USA)
From the single, 'Table Talk', Self Released.

Grand Courriers Official

Audio Stream

Friday, 21 August 2015 00:00

Sadly, but strangely satisfyingly, Korallreven, the Swedish Balaeric pop project of Daniel Tjader and Marcus Joons have announced that their collaboration is at an end. After two albums, An Album By Korallreven and Second Comin', both of which gained places in our Top 30 end of year album lists, and by their own admission a rollicking good time, artistically and otherwise, the duo have decided to call time on their own terms. They go out at the height of their powers (in this space anyway) with a track that fittingly highlights all the elements we loved about them. 'Here In Iowa' mixes understated, thoughtful, breezy, danceable pop with wide open horizons. In their own words;

"It's been an incredible trippy trip, sort of a dream come true, sort of a dream become shattered. Kinda incredible how Korallreven, with this weird name in Swedish snowballed from bedroom recordings in Stockholm into a headlining US tour, festivals around Europe, amazing collaborations and all this love we have felt from all around the world. It's been magic, but there is a time for everything and an end to everything as well, also with Korallreven.

So, enjoy this single, as you would the last drop of fresh water in the jungle. It sort of underlines everything we wanted to do from the beginning but never achieved. Lifelovingness, big words and melancholy in three and a half minutes, for the last time."


Daniel & Marcus

If you want to own the last track released by Korallreven on wax, grab it here. It's limited to just 200 copies.


Here In Iowa

Korallreven (SWE)
From the single, 'Here In Iowa', Cascine.


Audio Stream

Thursday, 20 August 2015 00:00

Swedish pop saboteur Molly Nilsson heads the new entries at 13 this week with the track we featured yesterday, ‘1995’ from her forthcoming new album, Zenith. Just one place behind is FKA twigs with the brilliant middle track, ‘In Time’ from the equally brilliant new EP, M3LL155X. We’ve included her whole video extravaganza below but for ’In Time’ go straight to the 7.10 mark and listen until 11.45. Deerhunter are back with a new album in October, Fading Frontier; the single, ’Snakeskin’ is at 18.

Joining these three tracks is the first track to be released from the forthcoming album, It's You from Melbourne post punk outfit Gold Class. We've been sitting on the frenetic 'Life Is A Gun' for some weeks but with the album out in two weeks time, this was the perfect opportunity for it to make its entrance. It's at 23 and is available as a free download.


The next entry is from the new single from Magical Cloudz, the emotive, sleeves laid bare project of Devon Welsh and his musical collaborator Matthew Otto. Their last record, 2013’s Impersonator was a standout of that year and on the strength of the towering ’Silver Car Crash’, the new upcoming full length, Are You Alone, out October 16 is set to do the same in 2015 . That’s at 25.


Last but not least is Orlando’s Saskatchewan at 29 with the readily effective dreamer, ‘Delusive’ . Try getting that three chord hook out of your head. Impossible.


Huge moves into the Top 10 for two young Australian acts this week. Melbourne’s Arbes climb straight  to 7 with ‘Beach Side’ while Brisbane’s Lastlings hit to the Top 5 with ‘Verona’.


Ought remain at number one with ‘Beautiful Blue Sky’. FKA twigs, Magical Cloudz and Saskatchewan tracks are streaming below, all details for all tracks here and all 30 tracks are also streaming in our Top 30 player.




14. In Time

FKA twigs (ENG)
From the EP, 'M3LL155X', Young Turks.


FKA twigs Facebook

Official Video ('In Time' 7.10 - 11.45)

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23. Life As A Gun

Gold Class (AUS)
From the forthcoming album, 'It's You', Spunk/Felte. Out on Sept 4.


Gold Class Facebook

Audio Stream

Official Video

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25. Silver Car Crash

Majical Cloudz (CAN)
From the forthcoming album, 'Are You Alone', Matador. Out October 16


Majical Cloudz Official

Official Video

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29. Delusive

Saskatchewan (USA)
From the single, 'Delusive', Self Released.


Saskatchewan Facebook

Audio Stream

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 14:18


"Windows 95, it's only a metaphor for what I feel inside"

Molly Nilsson, '1995'.


Check out the new single, '1995' from Berlin based Swedish artist Molly Nilsson, the self effacing dedication to a year, according to Nilsson where “we thought we were standing on the threshold to the end of time…and still do”. The self directed video in collaboration with sees the deadpan Nilsson front and centre looking longingly yet knowingly about the futility of myopically looking to the future. As ever, there’s also more than dose of subtle ascerbic wit aimed at the concept of a music video itself. One wouldn’t expect anything else from an artist who has spent her career making unorthodox takes on pop convention and unleashing subtle, sometimes harsh, always emotive truths about the absurdities of modern life. We've also included the ultra perceptive video to previous single, the tropics inspired and Graw Böcklaw directed 'Lovers Are Losers'. Her brand new record, Zenith, which contains both tracks, hits September 25 through Dark Skies Association and Night School Records. Pre-order it here. Nilsson launches the album in Berlin at the Berghain's Panorama Bar on September 15 and then heads out with Canadian pop specialists TOPS across North America in late October.




1. The Only Planet

2. 1995

3. H.O.P.E.

4. Mountain Time

5. Bunny Club

6. Intermezzo: Palimpsest Galore

7. Happyness

8. Lovers Are Losers

9. Clearblue

10. My Body

11. Titanic

12. Bus 194 (All There Is)

13. Tomorrow




Molly Nilsson (SWE)
From the forthcoming album, 'Zenith', Dark Skies Association/Night School Records. Out Sept. 25.

Molly Nilsson Facebook

Official Video

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Lovers Are Losers

Molly Nilsson (SWE)
From the forthcoming album, 'Zenith', Dark Skies Association/Night School Records. Out Sept. 25.

Official Video

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Monday, 17 August 2015 18:54

Prominent and arguably seminal Atlanta pop/rock outfit Deerhunter are set to return with a new album, Fading Frontiers, their seventh full length. Over the weekend, frontman Bradford Cox hosted a two hour surprise radio show in his hometown during which he played the album’s first single and announced its release date. Like all of Deerhunter’s work, the initial worth of the groove laden ‘Snakeskin’ is deceptively derivative, before over several listens, it inevitably takes on a mind of its own. Fading Frontiers is the first release since Monomania and Cox’s car accident in December 2014 and also features the track, 'Breaker' a vocal "duet" between Cox and guitarist Lockett Pundt, a first for the band. Watch the video for ‘Snakeskin’ below. The album is out October 16 on 4AD.



1. All The Same

2. Living My Life

3. Breaker

4. Duplex Planet (feat. Tim Gane)

5. Take Care (feat. James Cargill)

6. Leather And Wood

7. Snakeskin (feat Zumi Rosow)

8. Ad Astra

9. Carrion




Deerhunter (USA)
From the forthcoming album, Fading Frontiers', 4AD.

Deerhunter Official

Official Video

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